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Download the EdCast Learning Health Index Report for the US, Europe & UK

Learning Health Index (LHI) Study 2021

Assess the learning health of your organizations.

LHI 2021 Report - UK, EU & US

LHI 2021 Report - India

LHI 2021 Report - Africa

LHI 2021 Report - Middle East

Learning health is your collective ‘ability’ to perform. Organizations outperforming their competitors are seen to have a healthier learning ecosystem. EdCast’s Learning Health Framework is a comprehensive model comprising 8 distinct dimensions of learning that contribute to an organization’s learning health and allows companies to measure their learning proficiencies in great detail.

What is LHI?

Why should I Participate?

How do I Participate?

What is LHI?

Why should I Participate?

How do I Participate?

What is LHI?

The Learning Health Framework is a comprehensive model comprising 8 distinct dimensions of learning that contribute to an organization’s learning health. There are 5 Stages of Learning Health built into each of these dimensions. The framework includes a self-assessment tool designed from an HR and L&D practitioner’s point of view, covering key aspects that define a healthy learning organization.

The Learning Health Index is an aggregate of scores on each of the 8 dimensions of learning health across a 5-point scale.

LHI 2021: Why you should participate

Are you a transformational HR or L&D Practitioner?

Participate in EdCast's Learning Health Index Study 2021. Now!

The LHI survey is a diagnostic instrument - a tool to foster and nurture learning. Take the survey to:

  • Identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improving learning in an organization.
  • Review and assess the scores across the 8 dimensions of learning health provides an opportunity for organizations to take corrective action.
  • Benchmark your organizations against your peers and the overall market

You will receive: 

  • Overall Market Summary Report
  • Customized LHI report with your organization’s scores
  • Guest passes for LHI summit in 2021

To know more about the Study and to participate, please reach out to us at

Learning Health Index (LHI) Study 2020

EdCast launched the first edition of Learning Health Index (LHI) Study 2020 with the objective to create a deeper understanding of learning health in organizations in collaboration with Accenture, National Stock Exchange and DeakinCo. in May 2020 104 leading organizations in India encompassing a variety of sectors such as BFSI, IT & ITES, Manufacturing & Engineering, Life Sciences & Pharma, Retail & Consumer Goods etc. participated in the Study. The Study features excerpts from interviews with 22 leading Global CHROs & CLOs who shared their perspectives on the probable trajectory of Learning & Development.

LHI 2020 Spotlight

Wellness in Eight


The extent to which the current and future needs of the business drive the learning strategy and plans in the organization. How are learning & development budgets prepared and allocated? How agile is the learning function to change course and respond to business requirements?


Learning processes involve the aggregation, creation, curation, collection, interpretation, and dissemination of knowledge. It also includes experimentation, testing, intelligence tracking, disciplined analysis, and interpretation to identify and solve problems.


Experience embodies a ‘consumerized’ approach that is hyper-personalized and multi-modal. Employees have the freedom to consume knowledge when and where they want to from a wide range of content resources, tailored to their learning needs, style, preferences and interests.


What technologies are being used and to what extent in leading, enabling, managing and supporting learning and development as well as the ‘learner’ in the organization? How are learning technologies integrated with enterprise systems and with one another?


What learning metrics are used to measure efficiency and effectiveness of learning? To what extent does an organization use data analytics, predictive modelling in taking decisions related to talent and learning?


The nature, type and complexity of Solutions and Services the function is entrusted to carry out in the organization e.g. performance consulting, knowledge management, change management, instructional design, business intelligence, content development etc.


What importance does the organization place on learning? Who takes accountability and what are the consequences related to learning? How are learners recognized and rewarded in the organization? What roles do leaders, managers and team members play?


The core skills and capabilities required by L&D professionals for leading and managing a high impact learning organization. At what level of proficiency is the L&D function operating within an organization? What are their strengths and areas of development?